Romney stumps for Central Florida votes

GOP presidential nominee praises former Gov. Jeb Bush for education reforms

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APOPKA, Fla. - Gov. Mitt Romney addressed an adoring crowd of several thousand people in Apopka on Saturday night, reaching out to Florida voters just one month before the election.

Romney, who was delayed because of bad weather, began the speech with an attack on President Obama's performance in Wednesday's debate in Denver. The GOP nominee said he finally got to grill the president on many issues, including why he hasn't spent more time creating jobs.

"So I asked him those questions and you heard his answers or his non-answers," said Romney.

Romney brought Florida issues to the forefront, lauding former Gov. Jeb Bush and his education reforms.

"I want all of our schools graded A through F so parents know which schools are good or not. [Bush] also gave parents more choice. If a school was failing kids could go to a school of their choice," he said.

Speaking directly to Florida seniors, Romney claimed the president's plan for Medicare would take away the program for nearly 600,000 seniors. The former governor said he'd protect Medicare if elected.

"Romney is my man," said one supporter.

Others in attendance told WKMG-TV that the nominee's speech secured their vote.

"[The speech was] very invigorating, hopeful. There's hope for our country and everybody around me they loved it," said Maggie Barnes, a Romney supporter.

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