Rumors circulate Kroger will buy Winn-Dixie

Kroger hasn't addressed its plans

By Monica Whitsel - Producer

Rumors are circulating Kroger Co. will possibly buy Winn-Dixie.  Kroger is based in Cincinnati.  

The Tampa Bay Times reports, it's rumored the company is looking into the idea as a way to bring Kroger stores to Florida.  Kroger hasn't addressed specifically what the company is planning. 

What's creating the rumors is that Kruger is looking to open stores in a new area, according to the CEO.  Also, investment analyst for Gimme Credit, Carol Levenson, says Kroger acknowledges the company is capable of handling a deal.  

 According to the Tampa Bay Times, Kroger would be competing against Publix and Walmart if it plans to come to Florida.

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