Safety campaign aimed at spring breakers

Law enforcement working to keep impaired drivers off roadways

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - State law enforcement agencies are joining forces for the month of March, working to keep impaired drivers off the roadway, specifically students heading to or from spring break.

Many are calling it a spring break crackdown.

Every year, thousands of college students come down to Florida for spring break, and many pass through Jacksonville.

A spring break vacation in Florida ruined by alcohol, drugs and/or a car crash, is something unfortunately heard of far too often.

Law enforcement is doing all it can this month to promote spring break safety to help prevent tragedies from happening.

"To raise awareness with alcohol consumption with the spring break crowd that's coming to our state and to promote safe driving habits with that age group," Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Dylan Bryan said.

The campaign is called "Spring Broke ... A Party Students Can't Afford," and it's broadcasted statewide every year.

Bryan said alcohol-related crashes increase by about 7 percent with people ages 15 to 24 during the Spring Break period.

"Be responsible and be aware of the surroundings," Bryan said. "Because not necessarily the ones that are drinking, but the ones that are not. They're out there along with the motoring public that have been drinking, so we'd like to encourage safe actions on everybody's part."

Bryan said the focus isn't just on alcohol anymore. They're also doing all they can to make college students aware of the dangers with medications.

"In addition, prescription medications. Make sure you're monitoring the labels on those because some medications are not created to go along with alcohol consumption," Bryan said. "So adhere to and follow according."

Overall, statewide crashes over the last three years has remained between 29,000 and 35,000 for the month of March.

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