Ghost bike placed for hit-and-run victim in St. Augustine

Christian Schroom, 49, killed while riding his bicycle

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - A ghost bike was put up in the spot on Anastasia Boulevard in St. Augustine where Christian Schroom was hit and killed by a car last week.

The ghost bike will act as a somber memorial for Schroom. The bicycle is painted white and will serve as a reminder of the tragedy that occurred on Anastasia Boulevard last week.

Schroom's death still haunts those who loved him the most in St. Augustine.

The cyclist was hit by one car, then run over by a second, riding home from work early in the morning hours of November 18. No one stopped to help Schroom and police still don't know who the drivers are who hit the 49-year-old man.

"The disregard for human life is just unbelievable, I can hardly believe it and at this time of year," said Open Road Bicycles owner, Scott Summey.

Schroom's friends didn't want to go on camera, but one posted their feelings and disgust for the drivers responsible for Schroom's death in a Craigslist ad on Saturday.

The ad reads: "I, for the love of God, cannot understand how a human being can run over a fellow human being and not even stop their vehicle. What kind of person are you? How in the hell could you enjoy this past Thanksgiving, knowing that you killed somebody? Christmas is around the corner, when you wrap gifts try to picture the medics wrapping Chris up in a body bag. If you have a soul you will remember these words until justice is done."

The St. Augustine Police department told Channel 4 they are still working on the case and trying to find the drivers responsible for Schroom's death. Fellow cycler, Scott Summey, said deaths like Schroom's are happening all too often.

"I think it's happening more and more often and I think part of it, we're so distracted when we drive, with cars and texting," said Summey.

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