Remembering two hit-and-run victims

Families choose same day to honor loved ones

By Kumasi Aaron - Reporter/The Morning Show anchor, Jason Mealey - Producer/assignment editor
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ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - Two deadly unsolved hit-and-run accidents in St. Johns County that happened years apart.
Saturday family and friends picked the same day to honor their loved ones and made a call for answers and awareness.

Bryan Wrigley died in April 2011 after someone hit him as he rode his bike.
And Hailey Smith (pictured below) died in November of 2013 after being hit while walking on a road with her friends.

"Today is very special.  It just means that Bryan's friends in the community have not forgotten what happened here three years ago, April 13, 2011," said Mandy Wrigley, Bryan's mother.

Family and Friends placed ribbons on a bicycle placed where Wrigley was hit to honor him and bring hope,
They took part in the Wrigley Ride, an event held every year in an effort to find who's responsible.

"Right now we just have a lot of questions and we just don't have closure and we just don't understand how someone could just hit someone and leave them on the side of the road," said Wrigley.

"If it was your loved one or someone that you deeply cared about or yourself you would want justice to be brought to that person and them to be held accountable," said Kevin Wrigley, Bryan's brother.

It's also an effort to bring awareness to the community.
People taking part hoping for any type of progress from changes in road construction to more conscious drivers.

And not far away in St. Johns County, a gathering with a different kind of bike, but similar message.
Help finding the hit and run driver who killed 15-year-old Haley Smith as she walked on a St. Augustine Road with her friends.

I'm conscious of people texting and not talking on the phone and not paying attention to where they are going I've been on several close calls on my bike so I can understand how people somebody walking on the side of the road could very easily get hit," said Edward Doughty.

Edward Doughty is just one of many bikers who came together for a poker run to  raise money to make the reward for answers in Smith's death even higher.
It's something the teens mother appreciates.

"It's overwhelming to see all the support. Old friends new friends people that I have never really met before but because of circumstance have become friends," said Jo-Lee Manning , Smith's mother.

Although there haven't been many leads in her daughter's death, she says events like these help her stay hopeful.

"We know that someone knows something. They have the missing link. And we just want to bring awareness and let people know that we're not going to go away. We want Justice for Haley. We don't want revenge we just want answers," said Manning.

Two families, sharing one desire.
Moving forward with the community behind them.

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