Washed-up boat spotted months ago

Lucky Dog made it from west coast of Florida to Ponte Vedra Beach

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. - It's obvious the Lucky Dog isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But there is a little bit more to know about the boat that washed up on Ponte Vedra Beach on Monday.

For one, it was spotted from a Carnival Cruise ship long before it made it to northeast Florida's shore.

Video taken from the balcony of the cruise ship on Dec. 30, just south of Key West shows the boat a couple days after the Coast Guard originally rescued two people from it when it went under off the coast of Fort Myers on the west coast of Florida.

Fast forward several months to Tuesday and the Lucky Dog remains on the shoreline of Ponte Vedra Beach. A Coast Guard spokesman said the boat's owner is from Seminole and is really surprised his vessel made it this far.

The Coast Guard said the goal is to remove the boat safely and efficiently without hurting the environment. The spokesman said the Coast Guard is using funds to remove fuel from the boat so that the environment is safe.

The boat's owner has spoken with the Coast Guard, which said it will be his responsibility to pay for the boat to be salvaged. The Coast Guard said there is no specific deadline in place to remove the boat, so it's not clear when that may happen.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said they happened to spot the Lucky Dog a few days ago when they had a plane up surveying right whales. They said they contacted the Coast Guard, and the boat washed up on shore a few days later.

Whether it was spotted from a cruise ship or in Ponte Vedra, it's clear that the Lucky Dog really is very lucky.

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