Fruit Stand Crash Victim, 42, Identified

7-Year-Old Boy Also Hit Remains In Hospital

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - An 18-year-old driver lost control of a BMW, which hit a pole and and plowed through a roadside fruit stand on Powers Avenue on Sunday evening, killing a bystander and injuring a 7-year-old boy and another person, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Witnesses said the car careened over a sidewalk near Toledo Road and into the fruit stand in a gas station parking lot about 6 p.m., hitting 42-year-old Samir Masil, the young boy and one of the vendors working there.

Witnesses told police the young boy was headed inside the gas station to buy a drink.

"He had just gotten out of the car, and just left a BMW to go inside and get a drink. His father was sitting in the car. He was standing there when the car came out and struck him," said Robin Gainey of Jacksonville Fire and Rescue.

Rescuers transported Masil, the child and the driver of the car, Amir Osmanovic, to area hospitals. Masil died Sunday night and the child, whose name was not released, was listed in critical but stable condition at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center.

There was no word on Osmanovic's condition. The vendor's injuries were minor and did not require hospitalization.

Randi Estrada, who knew Masil, went with her son Monday to the scene of the crash to remember the man who was killed.

"It was really devastating. It took a toll on us. It's hard on everybody," Estrada said. "He's always happy, cracked jokes and stuff. He was really funny with all the kids."

Estrada said Masil would always hang out at the fruit stand in the parking lot.

Jamal Guiler said he was passing by the crash scene and he jumped in to help.

"I just did my civic duty, saw the accident, ran over there. Saw the first guy, attended to that and noticed there was a kid and just went to action," said Jamal Guiler, witness.

Guiler said the man and the boy were both pinned in between the cars. He was able to free the boy, but he says the man was too badly trapped.

Richard Scott, who owns the roadside peanut stand that got hit, wasn't there Sunday because he's recovering from heart surgery.

"Thank God at least I wasn't here. I didn't get hurt," Scott said. "Boy, that's a shame somebody has to lose their life innocently sitting on the corner. And if I would have been here, I would have been in the ground right now."

Police are tying to figure out why the driver lost control. Police said the investigation was continuing and had not filed any charges in the case.

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