Artist in Brunswick turns heads with ‘End citizen’s arrest’ mural

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – The mural of a young boy, donning a face mask with his right arm extended in the air, is attracting attention in Brunswick, Georgia.

The wording at the top “Black Futures Matter”, followed by the phrase “End Citizens Arrest” is sure to catch the eye.

For the artist, Roderick Davis, painting it for his community to experience is the opportunity of a lifetime.

"To have people walk past it, ride past it, and feel inspired... it feels amazing," Davis said. "There's no greater feeling than that."

22-year old Davis started painting when he was 14, but started taking it more seriously within the last few years. Many of the themes in his art focus on African-American issues.

A couple of weeks ago, he said an organization called Fair Fight reached out to him directly. Davis says part of Fair Fight’s mission is to paint murals throughout Georgia. He says during that call, the group requested he find inspiration, and bring it to life.

"It had to be done by the 4th, which was a week out," Davis said. "I've never done a mural that fast. I literally had a day or two to come up with a design."

What manifested was an eye-catching visual at the corner of Altama Avenue and "R" Streets. Plus a call to end Georgia's citizen's arrest law. The law was cited in the shooting death of 25-year old Ahmaud Arbery just outside Brunswick city limits in February.

Knowing Arbery's loved ones live close by gives Davis another hope.

"I want the family to be able to feel a sense of closure like justice was served," Davis said. "His life was valued by this community."

Davis says with his mural, his goal is to have a positive impact. He says in no way is it intended to create tension.

"It's not about black, it's not about white. It's not about black versus white," Davis said. "It's about equality. It's about everybody feeling like their life is valued."

With no plans to slow down, Davis says he's grateful to his community for embracing his work, and hopeful message.

"I'm proud of my city. I'm proud of Brunswick," Davis said. "I'm proud that we're all coming together. I'm proud we're using art, and using our voices."

Davis says while there has been some negativity, the response to his mural has been overwhelmingly positive.

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