Ware County warns students: We know what you’re doing on those computers

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File photo

WARE COUNTY, Ga. – Ware County Schools issued a warning Friday on Facebook, making sure students know that their activity on school-issued devices is monitored in real time.

Families with students participating in school virtually this semester were able to check out technology devices.

The district said all internet and Chromebook activity on those devices is tracked and logged by monitoring systems, including websites, searches and all computer activity.

The district said the reports on students' activity are available to teachers, administrators and the Ware County Board of Education.

“We have received several flags on inappropriate activity, and parents are being notified,” the district wrote in its Facebook post. “Inappropriate activity will result in loss of system Internet access and Chromebook usage.”

A parent asked the district on the post if students are allowed to use the computers for non-school assignment activities, as long as they’re age-appropriate.

The district said watching age-appropriate content is not an issue.

“The only content with which we are specifically concerned is that containing pornography, nudity, profanity, obscenity or language that is harmful, or content that offends or tends to degrade others, is graphically violent, or is inappropriate in an educational setting,” the district wrote.