Georgia DOT closes unsafe fishing piers on Torras Causeway

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – The Mackay River fishing piers on the State Road 25 Spur/Torras Causeway were closed Wednesday in the interest of public safety, the Georgia Department of Transportation announced.

The existing bridge structures were deemed unsafe for public use during an inspection. Georgia DOT and Glynn County found an advanced state of deterioration on the bridges.

The fishing piers are the remnants of the previous bridge that was replaced in 1986 by the current bridge over the Mackay River part of the intercoastal waterway.

“The safety of the public is Georgia DOT’s No. 1 priority and the closure of these bridge structures were necessary,” said district engineer Robert McCall. “The life span of these structures was extended for recreational purposes and enjoyed by the public for many years. Now, with the signed closure, we strongly urge the public not to trespass for their own safety.”

Glynn County District 2 Commissioner Cap Fendig admitted that closing the piers wasn’t ideal.

“But safety of our citizens is the most important issue,” Fendig said. “Fortunately, other piers are still open for fishing on St. Simons Island, such as those at Gascoigne Bluff and in the Village. We will continue to work with other entities to increase public access to fishing throughout our community.”

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