Downed power line sparks fire

By Ashley Harding - Reporter , Chris Robbins - Producer

ST. MARYS, Ga. - Saturday afternoon's severe weather brought heavy rains, tornado watches and flood warnings to much of the south.

People from Southern Georgia to the Carolinas were cleaning up after storms and gusty winds knocked down several trees.

Neighbors along a major street in St. Marys, Ga. said they're thankful nothing too serious happened after a downed power line caused a fire on Dilworth Street.

"The lights in the house, they flashed two or three times, but other than that, I come outside and look and said, 'There's fire over there,'" said Pete Sloan, who lost power.

Neighbors said the flames went as high as 8 feet. They say this all happened just after the power went out.

Officials with the St. Marys Police Department believe strong winds knocked the tree onto the power lines around 4:30 p.m. Saturday, leaving as many as 100 houses without power.

Several units responded, including the fire and police departments, as well as Georgia Power.

"They had the streets blocked off here and there," said Jacob Jenkins, who also lost power. "There was a fire truck right there, you could just see it burning right there."

Officials also said a large tree went down about a mile from along West Bryant and Seagrove. Police said other damage was minor. Those in the area are just thankful no one was hurt and it wasn't worse.

"Yeah, it could've been a lot worse," said Sloan. "It could've been closer to the house, could've caught on fire. These other trees that are hanging over here, it really could've been bad, but it was very controlled." 

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