Georgia residents ordered to evacuate

St. Marys River rising to dangerous levels

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Camden County emergency officials issued an evacuation order for residents in the Flea Hill and John's Fish Camp communities on Saturday afternoon.

Authorities said it was because of the "extreme flooding" of the St. Mary's River.

"An evacuation order means that conditions exist that could threaten life and property and
residents are asked to leave the area," said Mark Crews with emergency management. "Residents that live along the St. Marys River in the Flea Hill and John's Fish Camp area are at risk for flooding from the high water levels and the fast flowing river and are hereby ordered to take immediate action to leave the area."

"As the levels continue to rise, homes could become inundated with water," said Crews. "Water levels of this height also impede emergency services from being able to reach potential victims."

Officials said Spring Hill Road South leading will be closed and only outbound traffic will be allowed to pass. Residents living on Spring Hill Court are also advised to closely monitor the rising water to be prepared to leave if warranted.

For public information residents may call 912-576-3800. Anyone needing assistance evacuating should call 911.

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