Crews remove flathead catfish from Ga. river

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WAYCROSS, Ga. - The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is continuing its efforts to eradicate invasive flathead catfish from the Satilla River in southeast Georgia.

Tim Bonvechio has headed up the Waycross-based flathead eradication project since its inception in 2007.

His crews use electro-fishing equipment to stun flatheads, then scoop them up as they float to the surface. He said most are hauled to a landfill, and a small number are sent to the Okefenokee Swamp Park to feed the alligators.

The Florida Times-Union reports that flatheads, desired by fishermen because they potentially can grow into the 100-pound range, were introduced into the Satilla in the 1990s, likely by a fisherman.

However, the voracious eaters flourished and soon began to pose a threat to the fish the Satilla is famous for, the redbreast sunfish.

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