Georgia Primary voter's guide - Glynn County races

Local candidates, questions on the May 22 primary ballot

In addition to contested races for statewide offices, some Glynn County voters will be voting in the Democratic primary for Congressional District 1 and the following county races:

Glynn County Commission - Dist 3 – Republican

  • THOMAS A. (TOM) BOLAND SR. - Retired in Brunswick
  • WAYNE NEAL - General contractor from Brunswick

Glynn County Commission At Large Post 1 – Republican

  • DAVID O'QUINN - Wholesale food redistributor in St. Simons Island
  • JANE FRASER - Executive from Sea Island
  • MARK R. STAMBAUGH JR. (incumbent)  - Owner of Stambaugh Aviation in Brunswick

Glynn Board of Education - District 2  – Republican

  • DAVID SHARPE - Business owner from St. Simons Island
  • EADDY SAMS - Accountant from St. Simons Island
  • LANCE TURPIN - Banker from St. Simons Island
  • MIKE MINUTELLI - Retired in St. Simons Island

Glynn Board of Education At Large - Post 1 – Republican

  • (TRAE) ROSS - Builder from St. Simons Island
  • MIKE HULSEY - Co-owner, Atlantic Irrigation Supply from Brunswick

Glynn Joint Water & Sewer Commission - At Large Post 2 (Nonpartisan)

  • AUDREY GIBBONS - Tax accountant from Brunswick
  • BOB DUNCAN - Builder-developer from St. Simons Island
  • CLIFFORD ADAMS (incumbent) - Retired in Brunswick

Democratic ballot questions

  • Should the sale and distribution of bump stocks be prohibited in the State of Georgia?
  • Should Georgia pull down our federal tax dollars to save rural hospitals and create more than fifty thousand jobs by expanding Medicaid?
  • Should Georgia allow voters to elect our own representatives by amending our Constitution to place the power of drawing district lines under the authority of an independent, non-partisan commission?
  • Should Georgia alleviate traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and better connect communities by investing a substantial amount of existing tax dollars in mass transit?
  • Should Glynn County explore more renewable energy options like solar, wind, and wave/tide technology to help create jobs?
  • Should Georgia legalize marijuana and use all tax proceeds for improving infrastructure such as water and sewer?
  • Should the Georgia Legislature ban assault weapons?  

Republican ballot questions

  • Should all residents provide proof of citizenship to be allowed to vote?
  • Should non-citizens be able to collect welfare benefits?