Mayor, City Commission in Brunswick working to stop sagging pants

BRUNSWICK, Ga. - The City Commission in Brunswick, Ga. is trying to put a new ordinance into place that they hope will keep people's pants up around their waists.

People seen dressing in the trend known as "sagging," or wearing your pants low enough for your underwear to be seen, may soon be facing fines.

Brunswick Mayor Bryan Thompson told Channel 4 Thursday night that he's noticed pants sagging lower and lower around the city.

"I've noticed it myself, you used to see the top several inches of the underwear and now you see the entire buttocks and the underwear," Thompson said.

The violation would be civil, not criminal which means people who receive a violation will only be fined and not arrested. Thompson and the City Commission have agreed upon a $25 fine for the first offense, those caught 'sagging' there after will receive higher fines.

The city will hold a public meeting where people can give opinions on the issue, however an exact date has not been determined to put the ordinance in place. Thompson is hopeful that the new ordinance will have people pulling up their pants and tightening their belts by October.

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