Middle Ga. remembers July 4, 1994, tropical storm

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MACON, Ga. - As North Carolina's coastal residents endure a wet holiday from Hurricane Arthur, the residents of middle Georgia are remembering their own wet, windy and deadly Independence Day of 1994.

It's been 20 years, but meteorologist Walt Zaleski said he won't forget issuing flood warning after flood warning for Tropical Storm Alberto, which was that season's first named storm, just like Arthur this year.

Zaleski told the Macon Telegraph that the storm began basically as a disappointing damper for July 4 festivities. Then the storm basically stopped, leaving a 250-mile wide system of torrential downpours hovering over the state for 36 hours.

Some Georgia areas had 27 inches of rain during that period. Statewide, 31 people died as rivers swelled and burst more than 200 dams.

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