New Occupy Christmas movement sweeping USA

Shoppers pledging to only buy American-made products this Christmas

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - There's a small movement sweeping across the country to Occupy Christmas.

Shoppers are vowing to exclusively buy American-made products this holiday season in hopes it will boost the economy.

At first glance, American-made products are not easy to find. In fact, when Channel 4's Elizabeth Cate stopped in a store, one of the only American-made items she could find at the front was wrapping paper.

But some shoppers say it's easier than some may think.

Shopper Linda Dan checked a pair of pajamas before making a purchase to make sure they were made in the USA.

"I do care if it's made in America, I like to buy stuff that's made in America. Why? Just because that's where we live and that's what I want to support," Dan said.

This holiday season thousands of other shoppers are feeling patriotic, too.

There are several websites dedicated to the movement, including one by ABC News, challenging people to shop American.

Even though items from Taiwan, China and Indonesia line the shelves of most big-box stores, many shoppers are hoping to support the country by only buying American-made products.

"I'd rather support our own country and keep the money here where it belongs instead of sell everything else to other countries. It just makes sense," Dan said.

But because it can be tough to find products that are American-made, some shoppers say they don't take the time to check the tag.

Shopper Ian Bautista said, "I mostly just look at the product and see, hmm, do I want this?"

Some consumers argue that it's more important what it costs than where it comes from, not giving much thought to whether or not the item is home-grown.

"For some things I do, but for other things, I just feel like if it's made in Taiwan, it's probably cheaper," said shopper Janny Morales.

But shoppers pledging to Occupy Christmas are willing to doll out whatever it takes on American-made products to make sure their money stays on U.S. soil.

Some shoppers are even taking the American-made movement a step further by avoiding big chains and shopping exclusively at local stores.

But other shoppers say that's an extra effort they're not planning to put in this holiday season.

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