Sugar Hill, Ga. offered $4 million to change town name

Company offers cash to change name to

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SUGAR HILL, Ga. -, an internet dating website for wealthy men, offered the small Atlanta-area community of Sugar Hill $4 million to change their town name to promote the website.

The company said if the town accepts the cash, they would like the new town of Georgia to install a Hugh Hefner statue in the middle of town.

While the money might be tempting, some residents are not too keen on the change. 

"I think that's really not appropriate first of all. Sugar Hill is starting to look really nice and more like a city." said one resident.

"I think changing [the name] would definitely just kind of put an ugly taste in people's mouths, thinking that sugar daddy is what it's about." the resident argues.

No word on whether town officials are seriously considering the offer, but they should know the website might be trying to low-ball them. 

Just earlier this month, the same website offered the city of Woodbine, Calif., the same deal, but offered to pay $11 million. 

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