Harrell's Ex-Stepdad Talks Somer Case

Joseph Newman Writes Letter To Channel 4 About Former Stepson

Joseph Newman, who made headlines more than 20 years ago for marrying Jarred Harrell's mother and for marrying his 8-year-old sister, sent a one-page letter to Channel 4 talking about his former stepson and Somer Thompson.

Harrell has been named a person of interest in the killing of Somer, who was found dead in a landfill in October after disappearing on her way home from school.

Harrell is facing 55 charges involving possession and production of child pornography and lewd molestation unrelated to the Somer Thompson case.

Newman, Harrell's controversial former stepfather, predicted years ago that the world would end in 2012.

"UFOs are real and they are going to play a part in this," Newman said at the time. "And they are giving warnings to the world now."

Document:Letter By Jarred Harrell's Ex-Stepdad To Channel 4

Newman invented a well-publicized energy machine that got him on the network news. And newspaper articles show he didn't deny marrying Harrell's mother and 8-year-old sister.

In the letter Newman sent to Channel 4's Adam Landau in response, he said, "During the short time I was with Jarred, I found a child that was wanting love and guidance. I tried to give that to him."

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Newman also wrote, "I hope Jarred is not guilty of killing the sweet Somer girl. I personally would not have thought the Jarred I knew capable of doing such. I hope all involved will make absolute proof he is guilty before damning him."

The letter also addresses Harrell's mother's fight for custody.

"I was in court in (Harrell's mother) Annis' behalf to keep Jarred's father from getting the children," Newman wrote. "While I was on the stand, God did such an astounding miracle that the judge dismissed the court. The attorney who was representing Jarred's father walked out of the court saying that he no longer represented him."

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