Increase in local students abusing Adderall

By Ashley Harding - Reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Healthcare professionals working to fight drug abuse say they’re noticing a big problem that is only getting worse. They are seeing more local students abusing the stimulant, Adderall, and not understanding how dangerous it can be.

Adderall is often prescribed for people diagnosed with attention deficit disorders, including ADHD.

Health professionals want parents to understand that abusing this type of drug can lead to serious health issues. They say some people view Adderall as just something to take if you need to study hard.

In reality, there can be major consequences.

"Adderall is a great medication for someone with Attention Deficit Disorder. It works perfect for that.
But kids look at it as a study drug," said Dan Renaud, executive director of Florida Recovery Schools.

Renaud says many students are getting Adderall right from their peers in school.

"Dan Renaud tells me he has seen this many times. A student will think they're helping a friend by
giving or selling them Adderall. Oftentimes, it's to help them study," said Renaud.

Healthcare professionals say when stimulant drugs like Adderall get into the wrong hands, it can lead to problems like:

  • Cardio-respiratory issues
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Increased anxiety

Dr. Jeremy Mirabile, a psychiatrist and medical director for Recovery Keys said there's a question if this type of abuse can lead to more addiction. His concern is how this could impact a still developing

"There's no telling what the consequence could be. So the whole, experimenting with controlled substances and doses that are outside of prescribed ranges and not being monitored on top of it- yes, I'm very concerned," said Mirabile.

Even though it may seem like just a "study drug", that pill could really hurt someone.

"I've had two incidents this past year where students did that and the other two students involved
both ended up hospitalized, having seizures in school," said Renaud.

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