Incredibly cute photos of children, pets

Send us your great photos

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It's what keeps Kodak, Cannon and Olympus in business: people are constantly taking pictures of their children and pets.

While no one may want to see all your snapshots of Suzie's birthday party, Johnny's first day at school or Fido swimming in the pool, all of us amateur photographers capture a shot that's good enough you want the world to see it.

Now's your chance to share. Maybe not with the world, but with the thousands of Channel 4 viewers. Plus, dad serving our country overseas or grandma in Wisconsin can also see the photos online. You can also input videos of anything you think others would like to see.

We're not Flickr or Facebook, so please limit your uploads to just a couple of your best so there's room for everyone to share.

And to protect your family's privacy, please use first names only in the captions.