Jacksonville Farmers Market looking to expand

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Jacksonville Farmers Market is looking to cash in on the locally grown produce trend and add something new to downtown.

The market on Beaver Street is making plans for a major expansion that will double its size, clientele and expand everything the market has to offer.

Lola Ackarson is not only shopping at the Jacksonville Farmers Market, she's looking to build a business. Since the Farmers Market is building, it's the perfect opportunity for people like Ackarson.

"I think you have to invest money to make money. So why not," Ackarson said.

Ackarson is one of many people looking forward to the Beaver Street Market's planned expansion.

Greg Tison, general manager of the market, said the plans aren't solidified yet, but there are strong ideas at work while he crunches the numbers.

"Looking to renovate that put shops in there, put a demo kitchen in there," said Tison.

Tison said he estimates it will take just over a year to finish the project and that the expansion will double the number of visitors, bringing 20,000 or more people a week to the market for shopping.

"People looking for savings on their grocery bill with the economy, like it is we advertise that you can save 50 to 80 percent on your food bill," said Tison.

The Farmer's Market is still open to the public's suggestions. If anyone wishes to make suggestions email jfmwebsitefeedback@beaverfish.com, or go to the website's 'Contact Us' tab at http://www.jaxfarmersmarket.com/contact.asp.

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