Jacksonville Honors Sept. 11 Victims

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Members of the Jacksonville police and fire departments packed into the Jacksonville Landing on Tuesday evening, joining hundreds of members off the public in remembering the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The goal was to remember first responders who saved lives after the attacks, many of whom gave their own lives.

State Reps. Mia Jones and Reggie Fullwood were among the speakers. Florida Sen. Bill Nelson also spoke on tape to the crowd.

"I know right after it happened there were all types of bumper stickers that said, 'We will never forget,'" said Robin Robinson, who attended the event. "I always thought, 'How ludicrous. We can't forget. We don't need a bumper sticker. We will always remember this day.'"


The Jacksonville Human Rights Commission also joined the commemoration. Commission member Parvez Ahmed said the event was a chance for the community to unite.

"We want to use this event to unify the community, the kind of feeling we had after 9/11," Ahmed said. "We kind of lost that somehow. Hopefully the 10-year anniversary gives us a moment to reflect back and regain unity we had as nation."

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