Jaguars Fail To Meet Latest Ticket Goals

Team Did Not Meet Goal To Renew 80% Of Season Ticket Holders By March

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The clock is ticking for the Jaguars when it comes to ticket sales and efforts to avoid another season of blackouts.

The team did not meet its goal to have 80 percent of its season ticket holders renew before the end of March.

With the clock ticking, the team extended its ticket deals in an attempt to fill seats.

From a business standpoint, the Jaguars need to get a larger committed fan base if the team is to stay in Jacksonville.

From the players' point of view, they see the fans as a vital part of the team.


Tight end Ernest Wilford said he's optimistic about the upcoming season and said fans should be encouraged about the team's ability to make it to the playoffs.

He noted that last year the Jaguars weren't far off from the postseason with a team filled with 21 rookies. Since then, he said, those rookies have grown.

The tight end added that the Jaguars are about more than just football. The team's imprint has a big effect on the community, and when the Jaguars came to Jacksonville, they put the city in the major leagues, figuratively and literally.

Jaguars officials said while season ticket sales are healthier this year than last year, they realize they still have a ways to go and it's an uphill battle to fill seats.

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