Jury: Mosley Should Die For Murder Of Baby

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The Duval County jury that convicted John Mosley Jr. of two counts of first-degree murder earlier this month took just two hours to recommend that he be sentenced to a life term for killing his former girlfriend and be put to death for killing her 10-month-old son.

Two weeks ago, Mosley was found guilty in the strangling death of Lynda Wilkes and the suffocation death of 10-month-old Jay-Quan in 2004.

Wilkes disappeared after meeting with Mosley about paying child support for Jay-Quan. Mosley denied that he was the child's father, but a paternity hearing was scheduled.

Wilkes' burned body was found in the woods of Alachua County. The baby's remains were never found.

All four of Lynda Wilkes' children testified for the prosecution in the penalty phase of the trial.

"If I could say something to my mom and my brother, it would be: I love them, I wouldn't be anything without them and that I miss them," said 8-year-old Bryanda Thompkinson said.

The defense called only two witnesses: Mosley's mother and a close friend.

Channel 4's Jennifer Waugh said they originally wanted to call 22 character witnesses, but Mosley wouldn't allow it.

During the lunch recess, Mosley asked to read a five-page statement that he wrote, but changed his mind when he was told that prosecutors could then ask him questions.

Mosley then said he'd like to take the stand and tell the jury to "finish the job." The judge said that was not in Mosley's best interest, and Mosley did not testify.

Mosley, who cried when his mother testified, showed no emotion when the jury announced they had voted 8-4 that he should be put to death.

"This is closure for my family, but whatever happens, doesn't bring sister and nephew back," Wilkes' sister, Joyce Johnson, said after the sentencing recommendation was announced. "Five or 10 years, he still gets to talk to his family, gets to his children that he had; but I don't get to talk to my sister any more."

Mosley, who was taken out of the courtroom in shackles, had nothing to say. Mosley's family also declined comment as they left.

Circuit Judge Michael Weatherby is scheduled to formally sentence Mosley on Feb. 9.

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