Kathy Jorgensen

Candidate for Putnam County School Board District 4

Age: 64

Family: 3 children, 9 grandchildren

Occupation: Self-employed promotional products consultant

Education: AA

Political Experience: Served on the PCSB from 1994-1998 and have been on again since 2010

What do you see the top three issues in this race?

  • How we allocate the taxpayers' money to best provide a quality education for the children in K-12 in Putnam County is the most important issue. It's the board's job is to work together to set priorities for spending in our system so as to provide the best education possible for all our children.
  • A technical/trade school is vitally important for our student population who will not go on to college. It is our responsibility to educate them so they can go out in the world and become productive members of society once they finish with our public schools.  In order to accomplish this with many of our children, we must find a way to offer more programs that will teach them employable skills.
  • We need to find a way to help our teachers with the "yet another" set of standards they need to be teaching our students so that we get funding.  Teachers have an extremely difficult job. We need to create a "reform school" for those students who disrupt the classrooms.  We must do everything possible to make their burden easier.

Why should people vote for you?

Because I have a proven record of staying informed, asking questions, and never just being a "rubber stamp."� I work hard at my job, stay educated through the Florida School Boards Association, and am always available for and responsive to my constituents.  My cell phone number is published on our district's web site.

What do you hope to be remembered for after you leave office?

I'd like to remembered as the board member who found a way to have the board work together to set priorities and goals to benefit our students in K-12.  I can list many goals I'd like to see completed during my next term, including a technical high school, a "reform"� school for our disruptive students, and more emphasis on Pre-K.

Campaign Website: None listed