19 dogs get care after hoarding case investigated

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Animal Care and Protective Services officers investigated a hoarding case last week and discovered 19 dogs in need of rescue.

Denise Deisler, of the Jacksonville Humane Society, said she couldn't give specifics about the people who had all the animals, but said JHS is working with them.

"In this case, the officers from Animal Care and Protective services were able to talk to them and educate them and convince them that the right thing to do was to turn over the animals," Deisler said.

The Humane Society took 12 of the dogs, while other rescue organizations are assisting in the placement of the seven other dogs.

The JHS shelter medical director examined the six Maltese, two poodles, two Yorkshire terriers and two Chihuahuas upon intake, discovering eight are heart worm positive, none are spayed or neutered and all need major dental care.

"It's a lot of work until these dogs are ready for a forever home," Deisler said. "They need dental care grooming and eight need heart worm treatment."

Deisler said the Humane Society sees animal hoarding cases often in Jacksonville, and most of the time the pets are rescued after someone files a complaint.

"These are typically people who who love animals and things just got out of hand and they took on more than they were capable of taking on," Deisler said.

She said the financial burden is the biggest issue animal hoarders face.

"There are costs associated with being able to properly care for a dog or a cat, and folks need to have their eyes wide open to that," Deisler said. "While the intent is to help, if you can't give them the basic care you need, you aren't being helpful."

Deisler said those who know of an animal that needs help can reach out to any of the agencies in town instead of taking care of an animal they can't afford.

To foster the animals, go to the Humane Society's website. JHS will need information about your home situation and ability to transport the dog back and forth for treatment. In the case of foster care, JHS will cover the medical costs.

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