2 men, 3 teens arrested in gang rape

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Two Jacksonville men and three teenagers are charged in connection with what police call a gang-rape last Thursday.

Travis Maye (pictured below on right), 22, and Steven Pender (pictured below on left), 20, are charged with false imprisonment and sexual battery. Three teens are also charged.

Police say 16-year-old Demetrius Franklin met with the victim and took her elsewhere, where the suspects held her arms down and raped her.

They say 16-year-old Daryl Norman, 15-year-old Dante Norman and Pender raped the victim, along with Maye.

Franklin did not sexually assault the victim, but helped hold her down, according to a police report.

Channel 4 stopped by the neighborhood where two of the suspects live and found Estelle Burton, the grandmother of one of the teens.

"He said he didn't do it," said Burton.

Burton told Channel 4 that she had just returned from family court Monday night and is defending her teenage grandson.

"I don't believe he would do that, I don't believe he would do anything like that. Them children is not like that," said Burton.

Star Grace, Maye's neighbor, said she could not believe what had happened.

"She was obviously hanging around with the kids. I never thought anything of it, it was just a bunch of kids," said Grace.

Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson said that detectives will have to look at each of the suspects involved and investigate their involvement in the crime. Jefferson said the teens could be also be charged with false imprisonment.

"Prosecutors are going to look at every person's participation. Whatever it is, even if it wasn't that they were committing sexual act on her. If they were holding her down, it means they were restraining her against her will," said Jefferson.

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