All patrol officers in Green Cove Springs to carrry Narcan

File photo
File photo (St. Johns County Sheriff's Office)

Police in Green Cove Springs will save more lives now the department has been awarded dozens of doses of Naloxone from the Florida Health Department.

The drug is commonly known as Narcan. It reverses the effects of overdose from opioids. Firefighters and paramedics are using Narcan daily to revive people who have overdosed on illegal narcotics like heroin and prescription painkillers.

The Florida Department of Health tracks the opioid crisis. It found in 2018 there were 952 deaths caused by heroin, 1,390 caused by fentanyl, 723 caused by oxycodone and 245 by hydrocodone. In 2017, Florida’s emergency responders treated nearly 45,202 drug overdoses.

Police Lt. John Guzman said the Green Cove Springs department will be the first law enforcement agency in Clay County to provide every patrol officer with the life saving medication.

In a news release the department says, “In a further effort to save lives and provided the best public safety services we can to our city, the Green Cove Springs Police Department has recently obtained the opioid overdose reversal drug."

The department received 30 4 mg intranasal doses of Naloxone from the Florida Health Department.