Florida, Georgia ranked 35 and 42 in national poverty rates

The National Poverty Rate in the United States is about 14.6%, according to Welfare Info

The website Welfare Info released new numbers showing the poverty rate across the nation.

The country as a whole stands at 14.6% of people living below the poverty line. Looking state-by-state, Florida ranks 35th in the nation and Georgia ranks 42nd based on population and income levels.

Taking a closer look at the Sunshine State, one out of nearly seven Florida residents live in poverty.

Most counties in Northeast Florida hover above the national average, with the exception of St Johns, Clay and Nassau counties.

  • St Johns has the lowest number of people living under the poverty line in the state at about 9%.
  • Clay is ranked third in the state at 10.5%.
  • Nassau ranks 7th with about 11.5% of people living below the poverty line.
  • Duval County ranks 31st in the state with its 16% poverty rate.
  • Columbia and Baker counties come in at 36th and 38th with nearly 17% living in poverty.
  • Bradford is at 47th with about 19%.
  • Union ranks 54th with 21% living in poverty.
  • Putnam ranks the lowest for Northeast Florida at 65th with nearly 30% of the county living in poverty.

Moving north to Georgia, the poverty rate sits at about 17% for the state. One out of nearly six Georgia residents lives in poverty.

Most counties in Southeast Georgia lie on the higher end of the spectrum with poverty rates of at least 20%.

  • Camden County has the lowest rate for the area. It ranks 20th in the state with about 13% living below the poverty line.
  • Glynn County sits at 63rd with nearly 20% living in poverty.
  • Brantley is 83rd in the state at 22%.
  • Charlton is 98th in the state with 23% of the county living below the poverty line.
  • Ware ranks the lowest in Southeast Georgia at 115th. The county’s poverty rate is a high of about 25% of residents living below the line.

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