Undercover informants lead Clay County detectives to arrests

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Within the past two weeks, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit has run undercover operations that have led to multiple arrests of suspected drug dealers.

In at least the last two operations this week, they have used confidential informants to set up drug deals with dealers who had no idea they were just moments away from a trip to jail.

On Wednesday, Clay County narcotics detectives said they arrested 37-year-old Christopher Hansley, of Jacksonville, after overseeing three separate drug deals with a confidential informant. All three deals were at the Orange Park Mall.

On Tuesday, deputies said 38-year-old Willie Holt, of Jacksonville, was arrested at a Wawa gas station following a controlled drug deal with a confidential informant.

News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson says dealers are now dealing in public places around people for a reason.

“People are coming and going, minding their own business, and drug deals are going on around them, and nobody suspects anything," Jefferson said. "They will pick these openly public places because they feel that it’s safer.”

Jefferson said it’s less conspicuous than two people meeting in a back alley. He said that many times drug deals happen in plain sight.

“You would come and go as you always do, and you would never suspect it,” Jefferson said.

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