Children learn digital skills during YouthSpark event at Orange Park High

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Several dozens of Clay County children gathered for a computer science event Saturday at Orange Park High School.

The YouthSpark science, technology, engineering and math event aims to close the gap in digital skills literacy by improving access to computer science education for under served youth. Saturday’s event was mostly for military children.

One of the tasks was to build a prosthetic hand.

Some of the kids who attended want to work for Microsoft one-day. That makes Danny Chung, the chief of staff for military at Microsoft, very happy.

“When you look at the typical, educational career of a military child, these children are moving six to nine times during an educational career,” Chung said.

Chung says this illustrates the unique educational challenges children of military families face.

“What we are finding is they are falling behind the civilian children. We partner with not only the local schools and military commands, but we also partner with Military Childhood Coalition, a national organization that helps children of military families as well,” Chung said.

To learn more about the military STEM program you can visit here. Military.microsoft.com

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