Stolen packages from porches increase as holidays approach

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s the season of giving -- and for crooks, it’s the season for stealing.

From the Northside to Riverisde, there have been a few cases posted on neighborhood apps this week alone on porch stealing.

People said it’s frustrating, but understand as we get closer to Christmas, the cases will likely continue to climb.

It’s a crime we see spike during the holiday season: people stealing packages off of porches.

“I’m not really surprised. Just all of the stuff that is coming to peoples houses, just dropped off on the doorsteps, it seems like a great opportunity for people to steal things. so yeah, it’s not too surprising to me,” said Riverside resident John Clark.

There is surveillance video outside a home on the Northside this week. You can see a man taking off with a box in hand and running for it. He’s gone in a matter of seconds.

News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson said the crooks are combing through neighborhoods looking for packages and watching for delivery trucks.

“They are watching these drivers get out of the truck and make a delivery there, and once they go, once they leave they go to steal the item very quickly, and then they are out of there,” said Jefferson.

“Getting a present delivered to your door and then somebody just takes it from you, that’s awful. That’s terrible. People need to like, watch out for each other and help out with their neighbors,” said Clark.

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