Utility customers report this common scam is once again plaguing their phones

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you get a phone call from JEA, demanding immediate attention or your service will be shut off, it is more than likely a scam.

News4Jax has received reports that this common hoax is once again plaguing customers’ phones.

Though it’s not a new scam, the tactics behind it have evolved.

Scammers can actually call from a number that pops up as JEA on your phone. But once you answer that call, the conversation on the other end will be anything close to business as usual.

“OK. We have a little problem with the account," a voice says in an actual scam call that JEA warns customers about.

The caller starts by informing the customer that the customer’s account is behind payment, and that’s when the scare tactics begin.

" No chance, no money, no nothing. They’re going to disconnect your power. Are you with me, ma’am?" the voice can be heard saying in the call.

Scammers want the customer to feel panicked by creating a sense of urgency. If someone from JEA calls and starts demanding money, immediately hang up.

JEA wants customers to know that it will never:

  • Require a customer to purchase a prepaid debit card or gift card.
  • Send a single notification an hour before disconnection. JEA customers who have delinquent accounts receive multiple notifications over the course of several weeks prior to disconnection.
  • Solicit personal information, such as your full Social Security number or bank information, over the telephone, unless you initiated the contact.

If you do find out of the call was a scam, report it by calling JEA and letting it know that you received the call so the utility can be aware these scams are out there.

If you are unsure of a suspicious email, call 904-665-6000 to verify its authenticity.

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