Partnership addresses gender gaps in Northeast Florida leadership

Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Coalition teams up with Jax Chamber

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Coalition is teaming up with the Jax Chamber to get women into more leadership positions in Northeast Florida.

A report by the Jacksonville Women’s Leadership Coalition has found that women in Florida overall make $2.8 billion less than men in one year, and that gap is even larger for African American and Hispanic Women.

The report also found that women in Northeast Florida fall far behind other men and women throughout the state working in STEM careers -- with fewer than 1 in 20 women working in this sector.

And women graduate high school and college at higher rates than men fully job ready, but aren’t in leadership roles in business or government at the same rates as men.

“If we can solve this problem and empower this 54% of our work force that right now is underrepresented. It’s going to allow us to compete nationally for new companies to locate here, more jobs, and that’s going to help everybody”, said Debbie Buckland, 2019 Jax Chamber chair and Truist Bank market president.

The coalition and Jax Chamber are addressing these issues with a new partnership by hiring an executive level leader whose sole focus will be to strategically address gender gaps in leadership throughout Northeast Florida.

“You really do need to often grow the talent as we talked about today from the bottom up. When there are young women that see successful women that have actually accomplished those goals they realize there’s really no glass ceiling and that you can break through it,” said Lisa Palmer, president and CEO of Regency Centers.

The coalitions found several findings and has recommendations, you can view the full report here.

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