Ex-Camden County IT specialist facing charges after being fired

Thomas Stofflet bonds out after being jailed on charges of computer trespass, interference with government property, theft by convercation

Camden County Sheriff's Office booking photo of Thomas Stofflet
Camden County Sheriff's Office booking photo of Thomas Stofflet (Camden County Sheriff's Office)

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. – A now-former Camden County information technology specialist is facing three felony charges after his employment was terminated.

Thomas James Stofflet, 37, of St. Marys, was booked Friday afternoon into the Camden County jail on charges of computer trespass, interference with government property and theft by conversion.

According to Camden County investigators, the case against Stofflet began after his Dec. 6 employment termination as an IT specialist for the Camden County Board of Commissioners. When Stofflet was terminated, he was instructed to turn over a computer tablet, a hard drive and other items that were issued to him by the county to be used during his employment, but investigators said Stofflet didn’t initially comply.

Days after Stofflet’s termination, according to the county, he still didn’t comply, so deputies were sent to Stofflet’s home to retrieve the items. While at Stofflet’s home, deputies were able to retrieve a hard drive and several other items but they were unsuccessful in retrieving the computer tablet. According to the deputies, Stofflet said he left the tablet at a friend’s house. Two hours later, Stofflet recovered the tablet and handed it over to deputies, but there was another problem, according to the arrest report narrative from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the report, when the tablet was examined by the county IT department, it discovered programs and files that were originally installed within the IT department had been altered and new password protection had been installed by Stofflet. According to the report, a combination of altered programs and a new password protection rendered the tablet unusable. The report stated that Stofflet’s actions interrupted and obstructed the use of the tablet and, at this point, it is still unknown if data files and programs can be put back on the tablet.

A further investigation revealed that the tablet was never left at a friend’s house as was claimed by Stofflet, the report stated. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Stofflet pawned the tablet at Pawn Place in Kingsland on Nov. 29, and then went back to the pawnshop and purchased the tablet on Dec. 10, the day deputies showed up at his home.

According to Camden County jail records, Stofflet was released Monday after posting $17,850 bond.

Records show that in 2005, Stofflet was facing a misdemeanor charge of writing worthless checks, but adjudication was withheld.

News4Jax is currently digging deeper to find out why Stofflet was terminated from his job and how long he had been working within the Camden County IT department.

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