Middleburg couple recounts moment ship was hit by another Carnival cruise

Carnival Glory was in process of docking when it hit Carnival Legend

A Middleburg couple on board the Carnival Legend is recounting the moment their ship was hit by another Carnival cruise Friday.

The Carnival Glory was in the process of docking when it hit the Legend, which was already docked in Cozumel, Mexico. Six people were injured.

The Carnival Legend is en route back to Tampa, where it is expected to arrive Sunday morning.

Passengers watched in shock as the two Carnival Cruise Line ships collided near the Cozumel port.

Felix Pena and his wife, Angela McCabe, were having breakfast Friday when they felt the disturbance.

"It wasn't so much of a direct sideswipe kind of deal, so it felt like a minor earthquake," Pena said. "It wasn't that much of a tremor."

The couple sent photos from their trip showing the damage to the Carnival Legend. Pena said it could have been much worse.

"The damage on our end on the Legend isn't bad at all. It's just mostly cosmetic. It's nothing, like, damaging at all," Pena said. "The railing is straight. There's no bending or anything like that. It's just, it's mostly cosmetic."

The husband and wife said Carnival was great at keeping them informed of what had happened, and that they received a letter from the captain explaining that an investigation is underway.

There were no disruptions to either ships’ planned itineraries.

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