Shoppers head to stores for last-minute Christmas gifts

Christmas shopping down to the last minute
Christmas shopping down to the last minute

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many people this weekend are doing their last-minute Christmas shopping with time running out this holiday season.

There are some things that make the Christmas season exciting, including the holiday carols, the food, the fellowship and, for some, the shopping.

"I feel like I can't find everything that I need to get during the last minutes of Christmas shopping, so usually it works out," Erica Sullivan said. "That's why I keep doing it."

Holiday shopping is projected to reach $1 trillion this year.

"I'm pretty young, so based on when I get my money, I really just started shopping for my family and stuff because now, I'm actually able to work and use my money for them to buy and give back," Bailey Bilodeau said. "With our schedule, it's easier to do it later."

As people go from store to store, others would rather stay home.

"Kind of like when you see something online, you're like, 'Oh, my gosh. That's perfect for them,' and then you just have to go get it, and then it's usually too late to order it online and stuff," Devin Digiacomo said.

Shopping for Michael Kelly is quick and easy.

"This is my only day of Christmas shopping all year," Kelly said. "I don't buy gifts for people unless they're going to get me something."

No matter what gift you buy, make sure you give the recipient a gift receipt.

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