Package containing special gift swiped from front door of St. Augustine Beach home

Inside the package was a Star Wars Christmas present that can only be found online

ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla. – A Ring doorbell camera captured the theft of a package just 15 minutes after it was delivered to the front door of a St. Augustine Beach home.

Inside the box was a Christmas present that Will St. Onge purchased online for his girlfriend, Maria Carter, before traveling to her home for the holidays. They are both Star Wars fans, and the present he purchased online and had mailed was something he knew she would enjoy. It’s an item that can’t be found in local stores.

“It was a ‘Mandalorian’ T-shirt from the new show on Disney Plus. She’s a big fan of the Baby Yoda and the shirt featured Baby Yoda," St. Onge told News4Jax on Monday. “I was saddened because I’m here visiting from Connecticut and it would have been nice to have it here for her for Christmas. It’s unfortunate that it was taken so close to.”

Carter loves the Baby Yoda character from the “The Mandalorian” TV series so much that she said she was beyond upset when her boyfriend told her what was stolen. She said she became even more infuriated when she saw the video showing her Christmas present being taken.

“I think I actually yelled," Carter said. “I’m not going to yell right now, but I was pretty frustrated because I love 'The Mandalorian.”

Crime and safety experts have long suggested that packages be delivered at workplaces or post office boxes. But in this case, St. Onge had the present shipped to his girlfriend’s home before he left Connecticut to keep it a Christmas surprise. Unfortunately, the surprise was ruined when the package was stolen.

Carter said she was first hesitant on filing a police report over a $25 shirt, but it’s a shirt that has a greater value than just the cost.

“Our officer asked if we wanted to press charges and I would, just because I think people need to experiences the consequences of their actions," Carter said.

Anyone who recognizes the person seen in the video recorded by the Ring doorbell camera is asked to contact the St. Augustine Beach Police Department.

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