Avoid being targeted by thieves after the holidays

While it’s natural to place boxes from unwrapped gifts outside for garbage pickup after the holidays, those boxes could make your home vulnerable to thieves and burglars, according to News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson.

Jefferson says that if a would-be burglar took a look at the boxes in front of people’s homes after the holidays, they would have a good idea of what was inside and if it was worth taking.

Crime and Safety experts are warning people to cut up their boxes into pieces and to place those pieces in a recycling bin to be picked up. This way, thieves won’t know what’s inside your home.

Also, make sure any gifts you opened are not left sitting in plain view of anyone walking or driving by.

Another tip: Jefferson advises you to stray away from posting pictures of valuable gifts on social media because you never know if the person looking at those pictures is a thief waiting to make their move.

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