Golf club chef accused of sexually assaulting server on job

Deputies say Marco Alemany attacked 18-year-old college student at Club of North Hampton

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – The executive chef and director of food and beverage at the Club of North Hampton Golf Course is now in jail facing two counts of sexual battery involving an 18-year-old woman.

According to Nassau County investigators, Marco Antonio Alemany, 47, of Jacksonville, sexually assaulted a part-time employee who was working for him during the Christmas holiday week.

An arrest report obtained by News4Jax revealed the victim is a college student who was working as a part-time beverage cart server.

According to the report, the alleged sexual misbehavior began Christmas Eve and continued for two more days.

The victim told detectives that while performing her daily job as a server, Alemany began subjecting her to unwanted physical contact that included hugs, kisses and touching her rear end. The report also said that the victim told Alemany, who was her boss, that he needed to stop and reminded him that he was a married man.

According to the victim, the unwanted physical contact escalated to sexual assault on Dec. 26 when Alemany reportedly insisted the victim go with him to a storeroom in the clubhouse to show her where the beverages were being stored. According to the report, once the victim was inside, Alemany tried to kiss her, and when she resisted, he pushed her into storage units, where he sexually assaulted her.

Detectives noted in the report that the victim did manage to temporarily get away from her attacker but said Alemany was able to grab her again and sexually assaulted her a second time.

The victim told her parents about what happened, and a complaint was filed with the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators had the victim call Alemany while they listened on the phone to see if he would say something incriminating.

During the monitored conversation, Alemany asked to meet the victim in person. The report also said that during the phone call, Alemany asked the victim to give him a second chance and that “mistakes were made.”

On Thursday, detectives spoke with Alemany at the Sheriff’s Office where he was later arrested on two counts of sexual battery. A criminal background check revealed Alemany had been convicted of falsely imprisoning his ex-girlfriend, who was also the subject of unwanted sexual advances. He was also convicted for battery in Orlando.

Alemany also has three injunctions filed against him by three different women who all complained of unwanted contact and advances by Alemany.

Alemany was ordered held on a $200,000 bond, which was posted and he was released Friday afternoon.

According to Alemany’s LinkedIn page, he was hired at the Club of North Hampton last February.

A manager at the Club of North Hampton told News4Jax he was not sure if a pre-employment background check on Alemany was conducted.

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