Mayport based Helicopter Maritime Squadron 46 returns home

Mayport based helicopter maritime strike squadron four six is home led by Commanding Officer David Bizzarri, is home.

MAYPORT, Fla. – Wives, husbands, parents and children were all looking out on the tarmac at Naval Station Mayport on Friday as their loved ones came home.

Ten members of the Mayport based Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Four Six, led by Commander David Bizzarri, have returned. Pilots and support teams were deployed in April near the Arabian Sea.

“Getting the detachments back as a commanding officer is a great experience,” Bizzarri said. “It will especially be a good time for the families.”

Families haven’t seen their loved ones in about nine months.

“It feels great to be back,” said Malcolm Han of the U.S. Navy. “It was a long time. Just happy to be home and got my family back.”

More troops from the squadron are scheduled to arrive Saturday.

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