Police: Man arrested after naked woman tries to flee Jacksonville hotel room

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man has been arrested after police were called to investigate reports of someone calling for help at the Knights Inn on Dix Ellis Trail, according to a report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

The report said as police were canvassing the area on Dec. 31 that investigators heard someone screaming “help” in a nearby room. As police ran toward the screams, the Sheriff’s Office said a naked woman was seen attempting to flee a room.

Investigators said they also saw a man hitting the woman, while dragging her by her hair back into the room. When officers got to the door, the Sheriff’s Office said, the man opened the door and the woman was seen on the floor, crying.

The woman told police that the man had been pounding on the door of the hotel room, demanding that she let him in or he would do her harm, the report said. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the man rushed in when she opened the door, demanding money that he stated she owed him.

Police arrested Adrian Lars Lane, 36. He was charged with home invasion robbery, false imprisonment and battery. Records show he was arrested on a battery charge involving his wife in 2019.

According to JSO’s crime mapping tool, 14 crimes have been reported within a half mile radius of the Knights Inn in the past month. The crimes include battery, burglary and car theft.

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