Safety concerns along Heckscher Drive after death of FSCJ professor

Mimi Folk was killed while leaving Sandollar Restaurant on 80th birthday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Drivers who frequent Heckscher Drive on Jacksonville’s Northside are expressing safety concerns after the death of a college professor who was killed in a crash while pulling out of a restaurant on her birthday.

Mimi Folk, a professor at Florida State College at Jacksonville, had just turned 80 years old. She was celebrating with a lunch at the Sandollar Restaurant.

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Several people told News4Jax on Wednesday that drivers in the area need to slow down and keep their blind spots in mind, including areas where hills can limit how far drivers can see ahead.

“Pulling out of here, I always take a couple of extra looks just to make sure,” said Katie Sullivan, who frequently drives along Heckscher.

Don Winkler has lived along Hecksher Drive for 23 years.

“This road is pretty busy. It is a lot busier these days,” Winkler said.

The posted speed limit where Monday’s crash happened is 40 mph. News4Jax used a radar gun on Wednesday and clocked some drivers going nearly 20 mph over the speed limit.

“Just slow it down,” Winkler said. “Do the speed limit and look out for people coming in and out the driveways and restaurants.”

Several people told News4Jax they believe a few things that could make the area safer for drivers include flashing lights with signs that remind drivers to slow down, or a roundabout to help slow the flow of traffic.

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