Firefighters reunited with 2-year-old rescued from Mayport house fire

MAYPORT, Fla. – The grandparents of a 2-year-old girl who was trapped in a bedroom while a fire tore through a home in Mayport said Wednesday that their granddaughter is still in the hospital, but that her condition is improving.

On Friday, a family of six′s home was destroyed in the fire. The child’s 17-year-old brother is credited with getting the rest of the family out on time. Firefighters rushed in to save the toddler.

“She is doing great,” said Bill Mason, the 2-year-old’s grandfather.

Mason and other family members credit his teenage grandson who went back in the home three or four times to get his sisters and brothers out, including an 8-month-old.

“The firefighters got there. They knew which room the 2-year-old was in, and two of them went into the burning fire," he said.

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One firefighter was with the toddler as she was rushed to the hospital. On Wednesday, the rescuers visited the 2-year-old in the hospital.

“All three of the firefighters were crying in the hospital room once they saw how well the baby was doing,” Mason said. " It was amazing. They saved her life."

Lieutenant Belcher received a heartfelt “thank you” from the toddler’s mother. He said they got to the young girl just in time.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the toddler was on a ventilator at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, but relatives said she’s doing better. Her father will need surgery due to his injuries.

Mason has setup a fundraising account on his Facebook page to help raise funds.

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