‘Books Not Bullets’ event encourages community to avoid violence & read

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Members of Moms Demand Action and the Greater Mount Salem Missionary Baptist Church helped out nearly 325 people in North Jacksonville on Saturday, handing out books and healthy meals.

“It means a great deal to me,” said Charles G’Lover, a North Jacksonville resident. “I have been through a whole lot of stuff. Coming to this church, helping out, makes me feel good on the inside.”

G’Lover is a member of the Greater Mount Salem Missionary Baptist Church. So is Chartis Brown.

“I just feel it is imperative to have these events in all areas because it brings awareness that hey, there is still positive going on in the communities,” Brown said. “There are still people who care in the communities. The focus should really be on Jacksonville can do better, helping each other, putting the guns down and picking up the books. We can do better.”

Brown said Saturday’s event was a one-stop spot for families to get meals and reading material.

“We’re trying to teach out community to put down the guns and pick up the books,” Brown said. “As an educator in Duval County, I am a teacher, that is important to me. Pick up those books and read, and put down the guns.”

People like Brown are working in tandem with people like Wendy Collins, who is part of Moms Demand Action and Books Not Bullets.

“It’s a multifaceted problem we have,” Collins said.

Since she’s been helping the community, Collins said the area has seen a positive change.

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