$130M bond would improve busy roads in Clay County

Commissioners to vote next week on whether to take out the bond

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Clay County leaders are weighing a major financial move with the intent of improving residents’ commutes.

Next week, the Board of County Commissioners will vote on whether to take out a $130 million bond to improve busy roads.

The Board of County Commissioners is expected to approve the bond to complete multiple road construction projects over the next five years. The roads that are targeted are mostly in the southern part of the county, stretching from Middleburg in the west to Green Cove Springs in the east. The roads included are County Roads 220 and 218 in Middleburg, and County Roads 209 and 215 in Green Cove Springs.

“We picked the five biggest areas of concern, and we’re tackling those through a bond,” said County Commissioner Gavin Rollins. “And the reason for the bond is interest rates are so low right now that due to inflation and construction costs if we take out a bond now, we’re actually going to save money.”

The $130 million bond is expected to pay for all the projects, which would be required to be completed in five years. But there still could be a few million dollars leftover. If there is, Rollins said he supports using that money to help pave dirt roads in rural parts of the county or repave roads in rural areas that are in disrepair.

The Board of County Commissioners will vote on whether to take out the bond at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 25. The meeting starts at 4 p.m. at the Clay County Administration Building in Green Cove Springs.

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