Moo-ving in? Cows graze Jacksonville homeowners’ yards

Breaking ‘moos’...

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This is udderly ridiculous.

Cattle took over a Northside subdivision near First Coast High School on Wednesday. They were spotted mingling in the North Creek Subdivision.

Yes, we will milk this story for all it’s worth. Maybe they’ve got beef with the homeowners? Not quite.

We spoke with a man who said the cows came from Oak Creek Ranch, located on Webb Road. They were being moved from one field to another when they decided to wander off and explore “MOOOVAL.”

Neighbors were, as expected, taken by surprise.

“My dog was going crazy at the door,” said Ken Watson. “I walked out and saw all the cows walking by and grazing. It was just wild."

Last night, Janice Ross-Sanders said she noticed a cow in her backyard. She called police.

“When the police officer pulled up last night, I told him his vehicle was too small to handle the package we had for it,” Ross-Sanders said.

Bryce Daniel, who works at the ranch, said the cows were safely returned to the ranch after their brief escape.

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