Sheriff’s Office: 7 arrested after active meth lab found in St. Augustine home

Over the past three years, the Sheriff’s Office said it has responded to an estimated 50 complaints at the home.

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Seven people were arrested Thursday morning after detectives raided a St. Augustine home and found an active methamphetamine lab inside, according to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives found eight people in the home in the St. Augustine South neighborhood along with a meth lab that was actively producing, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

After securing and dismantling the lab, St. Johns County Code Enforcement arrived and following a local ordinance declared the structure uninhabitable pending a chemical analysis and any potential decontamination and/or possible demolition.

Anthony Wayne Ryan, 35, Christopher Robert Allen, 37, Sierra Leann Butner, 22, April Leyann Foerst, 29, James Robert Hodson, 43, Hope Isabel Thompson, 22, and Swayze Adam Mobley, 27, were arrested and all face drug-related charges.

The eighth person was not charged, the Sheriff’s Office said.

A former law enforcement officer who is also a neighbor that News4Jax is not identifying said she suspected meth was being cooked in the home.

“I could smell the meth. Three times," she said. "Once from the garage and the other two from the house.”

She and another neighbor we are not identifying for safety reasons said deputies have been at the home before. In fact, the Sheriff’s Office confirmed there have been an estimated 50 complaints about the house in the last three years. The Sheriff’s Office had also previously served two search warrants at the home.

“Evenings. Mornings. All the time. All the time,” a neighbor said.

Now that the occupants of the home have been arrested and the home has been deemed unsafe, neighbors who spoke to News4Jax are asking for the home to be demolished because they see the home as an eyesore that stands out in their upper-middle-class neighborhood.

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