Immunity boosters in even higher demand due to coronavirus threat

Owner of one Jacksonville business has seen increase in customers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The new coronavirus attacks the respiratory system and then ultimately causes lungs to stop working in people who either have pre-existing respiratory problems, weak immune systems or a combination of both.

Immunity boosters have always been something people seek when they are trying to prevent the effects of the flu from being so hard on their bodies.

But now that the coronavirus is dominating news heads lines, immunity boosters are in even higher demand.

That is why the owner of one Jacksonville business says her company is suddenly seeing a spike in customers.

At Pure Hydration in Riverside, customers normally undergo IV therapy for re-hydration, migraine headaches and to replenishing vitamins that might not get fully absorbed into the body by way of a daily pill.

But lately, owner Hannah Wanderon said the most sought-after services have been immunity boosters.

“We have definitely seen an uptick in people selecting out immunity plus IV,” she said.

The IV pumps a liter of fluid into the body along with B-vitamins, zinc and high dose of vitamin C. That combination stays in the body for several days compared to taking a vitamin pill or Vitamin C tablet.

“When you go through your GI system, you’re really only absorbing 30% of that nutrient,” Wanderon said. “With IV hydration, you’re getting 100% absorption.”

Senior citizens with weak immune systems have typically been the ones who have died from the latest strain of the coronavirus. Summer Goodman, a registered nurse, said intravenous hydration is one of the most effective ways of strengthening the immune system.

“You want your body to be fully hydrated,” Goodman said. "It really helps filtering out toxins through your lymph nodes and just getting all of that out of your body. So, hydration is key, especially with our older people.

It’s worth noting that no one can just walk in that place and expect to get an IV without having their vitals taken and answering questions to make sure they are not on any medication that will adversely react to the infusion.

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